Pendrop makes your writing a distraction-free experience. And the readers will see the same. There will be two contrast, sunlight and dark for both writers and readers to choose which one would be easier for them to read or write.

Web ring powered

You could start your own club of writers and connect your blog with them. So, their posts will be shown at the bottom for readers. In other words - Web ring is a solution for linking your blog with other curated bloggers and show their posts at the bottom of your post for readers to explore more related blogs.

Free as in Freedom

Pendrop will be a Free or Libre software forever. It is licensed under AGPLv3. You could fork it and make your enhancements unless you mention the original authors of this project, there will be no issues. It is sufficient enough for you to mention the authors of this project in your source code and README.

Custom themes

Pendrop provides a sophisticated documentation mentioning how to customize and make your own theme for your blog. If you know some level of CSS, this would be much easier. Or you could choose from the community themes listed at https://pendrop.org/themes.


Pendrop has a built-in comments feature for your readers to comment on your posts. This can be enabled or disabled. The commenter has to mention their Full name and the email address in order to comment. You can also moderate the comment and approve if necessary.


There will be a like button on your blog for readers. Again the reader has to enter their Full name and the email address in order to like a post. Every post will have a permalink for you to share or RSS feed is available for users to subscribe. And you can see how many unique views on your post.